Available courses

Welcome to this series of video lectures on Lean for Customized manufacturing. The EuroLEAN+ partners introduce the EuroLEAN+ project.

This module explains about Manufacturing Critical-Path Time (MCT) and Value Stream Mapping (VSM).

This module talks about Planning and Control in High-Variety/Low-Volume (HVLV) Companies. First, the Drum Buffer Rope & Theory of Constraints is explained. Second, the following developments are presented: 

•Period Batch Control 
•Kanban/Just in Time
•POLCA: An overview

This module introduces Card-Based control. The module includes methods like Kanban, Cobacabana, Conwip and POLCA.

This module describes how to create and configure cells using the following topics:

  • Product Family Grouping 
  • Layout Planning and Methods
  • Quantifying Flow Characteristics
  • Little’s Law
  • Kingsman’s Equation
  • POLCA cells

This module gives the basic principles of Quick Response Office Cell (Q-ROC), Makigami and Swimlane.